The  Free Walking Tour in the historic center of Mexico City  is full of dynamism and entertainment, enjoy it and you have fun, in which we try to make you feel like another inhabitant during a tour full of anecdotes and curiosities visiting those places and corners that you can not miss if you come to Mexico City.

Free Walking Tour Historic Center

The free walking tour in Mexico City is a good introduction as a starting point or if you are short on time, the Mexico City walking tour is the perfect way to get a snapshot of the city and see the key sites in just a couple of hours.


Walking Tour Mexico City’s impressive murals

Discover some of the murals most iconic and beautiful murals you’ll find around Mexico City. Muralism has been a big thing in Mexico for almost a century and some of its exponents are also considered to be among the country’s greatest artists. Murals are much more than just aesthetics though, they act as detailed representations of the political and social environment of Mexico throughout its history.. 

If you’re interested in learning some Mexican history, murals are a great place to start. Most of them are located in historical buildings and museums you can not miss in your visit..


Walking Tour City’s most beautiful palaces of the Historical Center

A city of palaces and museums, Mexico City’s long history has endowed the city with a wealth of architectural and artistic in art nouveau and art deco treasures . The city has scores fascinating sights that reveal both the pomp and extravagance of Mexico’s political and Imperial past, reflects the country’s extraordinary fate like no other city, and its uniquely rich atmosphere exerts a powerful grip on even the traveler.


Custom tour

Experience the Best of Mexico City on a Private Tour Based Around Your Interests and time disponibilite


Our Awesome Team

We decided to join the famous FREE Tour concept in the CDMX, allowing tourists to support and reward only the highest quality tours and ensure that the tour meets your expectations and within your budget with our unique style presenting the history and the life of the historic center in Mexico City.


Alejandro Ruiz de Esparza Romero

I am a lover of art and architecture, and I always focus on the fantastic product that allowed the flourishing of miscegenation here. Two cultures creating art together in perfect harmony.


Balaam Mendez Ponce

I am a tourist guide native of Mexico City who has taken on the mission of disseminating historical, artistic and legendary information.




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