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Visit Anthropology Museum, One of the Most Important in the World


The Anthropology Museum Private Tour is a guided tour to one of the most important and most visited museums in the world,

The richness of ancient Miso-America is on full display, replete with statuary, art objects, jewelry and more, all curled with an eye to both anthropology and archaeology. In fact, the collection is so extensive that hiring a private guide may help take you through the highlights. Either way, this is a MUST in Mexico City.

On this private tour, you are able to visit the rooms of its permanent collection where  each of the different halls is masterfully organized to present a unique and thorough overview of each of Mexico’s many different lines of history and culture, presented through the massively diverse of the country’s many ethnic groups and rich indigenous heritage. The central courtyard «Umbrella» is an architectural masterpiece in its own right and some tourists visit the museum just to marvel over this monument. If you have the luxury of time, you can easily spend the entire day here, but if you like most people, you can spare a few hours, concentrate on the Mexica and Maya, and perhaps a quick stroll through the Olmec hall.

Discover the most important works of the Anthropology Museum with our expert guides!

La colección de antropología del museo es tan extensa que contratar un guía privado puede ayudarlo a recorrer los aspectos más destacados.



    • Amplia colección de piezas, como estatuas y tumbas.
    • Vista de la Piedra del Sol, símbolo nacional de México
    • Aprende más sobre las etnias prehispánicas en el Museo Nacional de Antropología

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Todos los días disponibles excepto el lunes.

  • 9 a. m., 10 a. m., 2 p. m.


  • Entrada al Museo de Antropología
  • Guía Oficial de Turismo Especializado
  • Idiomas disponibles: Español, Inglés.


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